Fizzing Bath Cube, Sweet Dreams

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Sweet Dreams is a grounding, calming blend of lavender, vetiver and cedarwood pure organic essential oils. We’ve transformed one of our favorite evening diffuser blends into a truly relaxing and restoring bath experience. 

These Fizzing Bath Cubes are a unique take on the popular "bath bomb" and make the perfect gift! The 4oz cube is large enough to be cut in half or dissolved halfway and used for 2 separate baths! Dissolve cube for 20-30 seconds for child’s bath. Remove cube and let dry to be used for another bath. 

This listing is for one Sweet Dreams Fizzing Bath Cube. 

Add one cube (or half of one cube) to still bath water and enjoy the effervescent effect as the aromas of the essential oils are released. Use within one month of purchase for best results. 

‘Sweet Dreams’ Ingredients:
Sodium Bicarbonate, epsom salt, cornstarch, non-gmo food grade citric acid, lavender, vetiver and cedarwood Essential Oils*, unrefined virgin coconut oil*, distilled water. 

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