Hanging Planter

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  • Macrame hanging planter is made from 100% Manila Cotton from Central America, which is some of the softest and most durable cotton available
  • Each hanging planter is made by a member of the Employment Social Project, an organization providing well-paid employment to persons with disabilities in Nicaragua...so you know that you're giving back as well
  • It's easy to hang!  The plant hanger uses a single point to hang from (just make sure you find a beam)
  • Our plant hanger is versatile enough for indoor or outdoor use, and it's very lightweight to move around depending on the season
  • It can take up to 3 days to make one of these from scratch, and it's 100% diligently 
  • Does not come with hanging hardware, tree straps or stand

    At Mission Hammocks, we make the absolute best products in the world.  We start with some of the finest organic Manila cotton made in Central America, and we hand weave every stitch on our plant hangers, include the decorative macrame fringe.  It makes a great gift!


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