Mint Mocha Coffee Soap

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This soap is scrumptious! Coffee, organic cacao and peppermint create the most delicious scent. Like Starbucks with no calories‰Û_

While natural oils moisturize, ground coffee acts as an exfoliant and the antioxidants from the coffee and the cacao are amazing for your skin. Coffee is also great at absorbing and neutralizing odor. Win/win.

The hand poured and cut nature of these soaps is always satisfying. There is something about holding a rustic bar of soap that just feels right. Not mass produced or manufactured, but hand made.

All soaps are cut by hand, so size and shape may vary. Each bar weighs approximately 3 oz.

Natural soaps will last longer if air is allowed to circulate around them. Try to keep your soap out of constant running water. To keep your soap dry between uses, use a soap tray that drains well.åÊ

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