Sage Bundle, 4"

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Sage Smudging is an ancient art that has been practiced by Native Americans for centuries. The smoke that’s emitted from the herb bundle is used to cleanse any negative energy and purify your living spaces. Burning sage is not only used for spiritual cleansing and purification but is also used for its robust aroma and scent.

How to Smudge... light the end of your palo santo smudge stick or your sage bundle. Let it burn for 30 seconds then lightly blow the flame out until you have an ember. Hold your smudge out and wave gently near the area you wish to cleanse. Rest your ember on an Abalone shell until it's done smoking.

  • Each bundle is hand picked California White Sage, dried, and handcrafted with 100% cotton string.
  • Bundles may vary slightly in size 


  • White Sage, Sage
  • Length: 4"
  • This listing is for one bundle
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