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    Scavenger Hunt for Kids


    Educational Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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    Educational Scavenger Hunt for Kids

    Send your child through the house on an adventurous, educational scavenger hunt!

    What do you think your child would choose to bring back if they were asked to find something in the shape of a circle, or something with a label or sticker on it, or how about something that is bumpy? The possibilities are huge with this hunt.åÊ

    Your child will be asked to find specific items as well as be given descriptions that could fit many different items. The choices that are given make this a scavenger hunt that can be played over and over again with different results each time. As a bonus, your child‰Ûªs brain will be getting a great workout!åÊ

    Need something to do for half an hour? Choose a coin from the box and set your child free!

    The Scavenger Hunt Box comes with 6 items to be found per coin‰Û_that gives your child 180 items that they will have fun thinking about and looking for. And, because many of the description can fit many different items‰Û_that means even more items to be found.

    This is not your average scavenger hunt!

    AGES: 3-10
    ACTIVITIES: 180 Items & Clues
    COINS: 30 natural, wood coins, each measuring 1 å_ inches round
    BOX SIZE: 4x4x2

    NOT for children under 3 yrs. of age.

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