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    Color Blocks Giant Notepad


    This notepad is HUGE and shockingly awesome.

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    We’re partial to chunky, substantial notepads. We want them to last a very long time, and for heaven’s sake to never ever feel floppy.åÊ We want your pen to have a racy affair with your paper everyday. We want list-making, doodling, and note-taking to feel good.åÊ

    This notepad is HUGE and shockingly awesome. Having this much real estate on which to write is an adventure in itself. Take your list making to the next level, you will surprise yourself with how creative you are!

    Turn your desk into a work of artåÊwith eleven square inches of glorious color.åÊ

    • Made in the USA
    • 11 x 11 inches
    • 150 glorious pages
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