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      Resolution Checklist & Datebooks


      Field Note’s Seasonal Release for Winter is the ‰ÛÏResolution‰Û Edition. It‰Ûªs straightforward and useful, two very good things for a Field Notes product to be.

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      Each 3-Pack of Memo Books includes one 56-page Date Book and two 48-page Checklist Journals, plus a two-sided 2018 Calendar that fits right inside the books.

      The covers are made from bright, beautiful  Cyan, Red and White 80#C Vellum paper from Mohawk, stamped with matte Crown foils.  

      The Checklist Journals are have a “Slot Screw-Head Device” at the start of each line for marking completed and partially completed tasks. The Date Book displays one week on each page. Together, the two formats can be used in any number of ways as a complete and portable planning system.

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